4HB- Day 2



Today has been MUCH better, although with all my failures yesterday, that shouldn’t be hard.  I woke up and made myself some coffee, which I realized I had not done yesterday and that probably contributed to my migraine.  I drink coffee almost every morning and typically I would have 2 or 3 sodas during the day. (yes, 2 or 3)  So my first mistake on the first day was leaving out caffeine completely.


Jordan had a bag full of protein bars from his ultimate frisbee tournament last weekend, so I dug through there finding a Special K protein bar that had 20 grams of protein and only 6% of my daily carbohydrates.  Ferris calls this “The Slow-Carb diet” so carbs are not completely eliminated, but avoided as much as possible.  I had the protein bar and another protein shake to total my 30 grams for breakfast.


After a few hours passed, I noticed that I was getting the first twinges of another headache.  Determined not to repeat the first day, I cooked up a chicken breast and some steamed broccoli even though I wasn’t super hungry.  After eating that, I felt much better.  I am also trying to drink more water today.  Before this program, I hardly ever drank water.  I know it is terrible, but the most water I got was when swallowing some after brushing my teeth.


Jordan and I made a trip to GNC (which is conveniently located in E-town, who knew?!), and picked up some low carb Supreme protein bars.  I intend to eat these for breakfast, as they have my full 30 grams of protein and the lowest carbohydrate amount that I could find.  After getting home, we split one, and they are actually pretty good.  A lot of the reviews I read online said they were the best as far as carb content, but the worst tasting.  I opted for these instead of better tasting ones, but I am pleasantly surprised.


Again, a few hours passed, and wouldn’t you know it- the beginning of the headache again.  I whipped up a quick dinner consisting of a salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette.  I needed something a little lighter since it is about 100 degrees outside.  Once again, my headache has subsided.


Ferriss’s suggestion that headaches are a sign that I am not eating enough, seem to hold up so far.  Now that I am paying attention to how my body is feeling related to the times that I am eating, I can definitely see a correlation.  I am hoping that this is a symptom that goes away once I get used to this program.  I think once I make it through the first few days and get used to eating far fewer carbs than normal, I will start to feel human again.














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