What is The 4-Hour Body?


This is how Tim Ferriss describes himself.

“Just as some people have avant-garde furniture or artwork to decorate their homes, I have pulse oximeters, ultrasound machines, and medical devices for measuring everything from galvanic skin responses to REM sleep. The kitchen and bathroom sink look like an ER.”

He is a record-keeping, experiment obsessed individual. He has recorded almost every workout he has done for 10 years. Long story short, he became interested in MED, or the minimum effective dose. This is something I had heard of from my classes in college, but never to this extent. We are taught that the more you do, the better. The example Ferriss gives is of boiling water. The MED is 212 degrees farenheit. Heating water to a higher temperature will not cause extra boiling, or something more than boiling. “Higher temperatures just consume more resources that could be used for something else more productive.” This same idea can be applied to the body. What are the few things I need to eat, to get my desired result? What are the few exercises I should do, to get the best result? This is the basis of the 4HB.

So I went ahead and took some “before” measurements. I took the circumference of both biceps, my waist at the belly button, hips at my widest point, and both thighs. I also weighed myself even though my intention is not weight loss. Ferriss is a huge believer that the scale often fails us. People who simply weigh themselves, are bound to give up whatever program they are tackling. They could show no weigh loss one week, when in reality they lost a few inches from their arms, for example. This shows that they have lost some weight, but replaced that fat loss with muscle gain. Muscle is heavy, so it could look like there has been no change in overall weight.

The Slow Carb Diet

Rule 1: Avoid white carbs

Rule 2: Eat the same few meals over and over again

Rule 3: Dont drink calories

Rule 4: Dont eat fruit

Rule 5: Take one day off a week

5 rules- easy right?!?!


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